The bear market has surged five times, and the road after VETH's launch has just begun.

Reverse market performance

(VETH) launched the Hong Kong Fulbert Exchange on December 18. Within three hours after its launch, (VETH) soared, rising from 0.3 RMB to 1.412 RMB, nearly five times. After that, the price gradually recovered and stabilized near 1.2 RMB. Since then, it has remained on the Mytoken Hot Search List, in which there are many established companies. The performance of chain token is striking.

Coincidentally, with the rise of the online market, the mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin have also warmed up in varying degrees. Bitcoin has returned to this key support level for the first time after falling below $4,000, rising nearly 17% in a week; EOS has risen from its lowest level of $1.9 to around $2.8 in a week, up about half. BCH has doubled its price in one day.

The downturn of the market coincides with a wave of bull market before the industry. Although the current price has risen nearly five times, it is still in the value depression in terms of its time performance and value support.

The rhythm of the next step

Traditional international trade import and export business often has problems such as information asymmetry, logistics obstruction, and slow capital flow. These problems have been restricting the development of international trade, and there are many reasons for these problems. The key point is that there is no fair and equal communication channel between the two sides of the trade.

Aiming at these traditional pain points of international trade, the project uses block chain technology to connect the information islands of both sides of the trade, realizes business and data sharing under the premise of information security and confidentiality, and strives to create a more efficient, transparent and credible de-centralized international trade ecosphere.

Within the ecosphere, 1 + 1 & gt; 2. The two sides of trade depend on each other and support each other, forming a virtuous circle. It has been devoted to building an ecological platform for import and export trade with technological advantages. The idea is also the same. It has its own clear operational logic, putting both sides of trade in an equal position, then promoting the development of various roles in the ecology through unique and effective incentive rules, and finally forming a stable value flow. After the world, it will release its greater value in the trading environment.

The token value of the project is based on the market value of Huazhong Green Valley, a real economy company. The relevant person in charge once said that the market value of Huazhong Green Valley Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is over 4 billion. At present, issuers, incubators, fund managers and others continue to promote the circulation of vouchers in the real commercial real estate in the Green Valley of Central China and the Sino-Russian private trade. The next step is to rely on the experimental token landing in the specific projects mentioned above, so as to stimulate the price, value and market to rise in proportion.

"The eye-catching performance of the market is ultimately attributed to Angel users and investors in some secondary markets. Most token holders believe that the upside is only the beginning. Their focus is on the way forward, for example, after commercial real estate and international trade are circulating, so it needs to seize any available. The opportunity to continue to do the physical value of the voucher itself and the size of the community, "says Hatching Snail Capital.

Recently, the operator announced that the ecology version 2.0 will be released on December 25, 2018. The development of related technologies and applications will be announced as soon as the internal test is completed. In addition, the operator also initiated the mining machinery agency business, which is similar to the previous domestic and foreign public chain super-node election, but the operator lowered the threshold of this model. The agent needs to lock a certain token and be supervised and audited by the official and users. However, for the agent, it can get 5% of the high dividend. 。